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Fr. Thomas Porukara Central School Champakulam started in 1994, under the charismatic leadership of Rev.Fr. Thomas Thayil CMI is owned by Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, an indigenous religious congregation. The school is named after Rev. Fr. Thomas Porukara a great visionary and co-founder of the CMI. The school is managed by Mount Tabor Educational and Charitable Society, Gagultha Monastery, Champakulam. Situated in the salubrious surroundings of Kuttanad, Fr. Thomas Porukara Central School has a perfect setting.


Kuriakose (Cyriac) Chavara was born in 1805, of pious and devout catholic parents of Syro-Malabar Church in Kainakary, Kerala, India. In Baptism he was given the name Kuriakose (Cyriac). After his early schooling in the native village and priestly studies under Fr.Thomas Palackal at Pallipuram, he was ordained priest in 1829.

Co-operating with Fathers Thomas Palackal and Thomas Porukara, he founded the indigenous religious congregation for men,(1831) now known as the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (C.M.I).It was after the death of the senior companions in the foundation that Fr. Kuriakose with the first members, made the religious profession in 1855.In religion he took the name Kuriakose Elias of the Holy Family.

Starting seven religious houses, besides the first one at Mannanam, in different parts of Malabar, the new congregation made great strides in a spiritual renovation in the Church of Malabar. Seminaries for the education and formation of clergy, introduction of annual retreats for priests and people, a publishing house for the propagation of Catholic doctrine, a house for a dying and destitute, a special attention to various activities under Father Kuriakose Elia’s leadership. His counsels to the Christian families given in the form a “Testament of a Loving Father” are universally applicable and are relevant to this day. Essentially a man of prayer and intense charity, he stayed in close communion with the Lord amidst his several religious and social activities permeating his spirituality to all around him, so much so that he was accepted and referred to as a man of God, from his early years.In 1871, on January 3rd, Fr. Kuriakose Elias


Fr. Thomas Porukara was born on Dec 27, 1799 in Porukara Family of Champakulam Parish. He was ordained on Sept 22, 1823.Fr Thomas Porukara is one of the founders of our Congregation. He had his priestly training in a Latin seminary enabling him to learn Latin language and traditions. Ordained at the age of 23,he was first appointed to his home parish, Champakulam. Being a great devotee of St. Joseph, Fr. Thomas encouraged people to grow in that devotion. This devotion of his was instrumental in dedicating the church and Monastery at Mannanam in the name of St. Joseph.

After two years of service at Champakulam, Fr. Thomas was transferred to Thankaserry as the vicar of the Latin Church there. He introduced the tradition of Sunday homily. His abiding interest in silence and prayer prompted him to work for the foundation of the first indigenous religious congregation. With the foundation of the church and house at Mannanam, this dream was partially realized, though Fr. Porukara did not live to see the day, when the first eleven fathers took their vows in 1855.He was called to eternal rest on January 8, 1846,and was buried in Mannanam.

Our Vision

“That All May be One” is the motto to which our school is dedicated. It is the strong desire of Jesus Christ to see all the people of this world as one with the Almighty, in and through Him. We are inspired by the zeal of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, an educationalist of nineteenth century and the founder of the CMI congregation, to accept the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of all human.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve the all round development of personality of our students with particular attention give given to academic pursuits. Based on our vision, we cherish our national dreams and strive to bring out the best in us. We dedicate ourselves to promote national integration acknowledging all citizens of India as our brothers and sisters. We are determined to cultivate a world- view where the entire humanity is one family.

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